Immediate recovery of heath issues

My sister was suffering from psychological disorder or anxiety / alwayss remain stressful from past two to three yearss .we were consulting doctor for her health issues but unfortunately not such great result happened. But with the help of special Pranic healing treatment around 10-12 sittingss I felt that my sister is peaceful calm and very happy just as she was before 3 years back. She has recovered to some extent only 40% left for recovery procedure.. With the help of healingss only my sister has recovered immediately .Fantastic result has been showed . Through god blessings my sister is really happy and peaceful.

Hina Agarwal
5 Nov, 2015

Healed of my neck pain

This is to inform that I,Sanjeev Mundhra aged 42 years was suffering from acute neck pain and was under medication but there was no relief. I called up Nehaji who further guided me to take healing from Shreya Agarwal .

After first healing of about 40 min i was feeling relaxed but after sometime the pain came back though the intensity was less and after the second healing it was like there was no pain at all. What i understood from my discussion with Shreya is there was a lot of stress bcoz of my work so it created a negative energy which was bothering me ........just after 2 healing it was gone .....fantastic work Shreya !!

Keep helping the society to lead a better life without medication.

Sanjeev Mundhra
C/o Invest Assure Consultants,
Insuring Security, Securing Growth

Testimonials from Kreative Fingers

My boss introduced me to Neha Jain of GMCKS Lightworkers Trust. Since the introduction and consistent practice of Pranic Healing, it has had a significant impact on my ability to think on my feet and get a good grasp of any situation. The decision making speed has gone up tremendously and this has contributed a lot to my output both professionally and personally.

I have become more energetic and enthusiastic by simply following few of the techniques that I have learned in the healing sessions.

Having a pranic healing session is probably the best way to encourage lasting change in your life because it produces such a subtle yet profound shift within you.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Neha and her team for always being there to guide me.

Steven Gomes
Manager - Operations
Kreative Fingers (P) Ltd.

Dear Neha,

Following is just a small testimonial i would love to share.

Things have not been the same for me as before. Pranic Healing has changed a lot of ways of my living. I have learnt to be positive in life and come over my weakness. I have learnt how to change habits, and keep a control over myself. Twin heart's meditation makes me feel lighter and relaxed. I would love to continue with my further courses and recommend others.

Thanks & Regards

Joachim Gomes (Johnathan)

Kreative Fingers (P) Ltd.

Hi Neha,

Please find below my testimonial based on changes what i felt in me:

There was a day when a well-wisher of mine introduced me to Pranik Group and i got aware of Prana world. I did basic course and then started some practices and meditation which i did initially with intention yet later on it get into my system. It uplifted my self esteem, my self confidence and a strong belief in what i do, which opened new ways not only professionally yet personally as well.

But as we all know bad Pranas attract us more powerfully and i got distracted. And then one day i remembered a session i attended regarding "Power of right Motives!" and from that day i am a no looking back person. There is a long way to go yet i believe i will make my journey more interesting and learning with the guidance of Supreme God and Grand Master and by doing good Karmas.

Living and experiencing all the moments of journey is more meaningful then reaching the destination.

Thank you Supreme God thank you Grand Master

Bhavin panchamia

I am attending Pranic healing sessions with Neha for last few months and i have seen lot of changes in my life, my approach towards everything has changed I have build up a lot of positivity in my thoughts which helps me meet my targets.

I practice few things on a daily basis like Pranic Breathing which helps me keeping calm whenever i feel stressed.The other thing i learned is how to heal yourself and others. It is really amazing !!


Manprit Singh Mavi
BDM - Kreative Fingers

Experience from Basic Pranic Healing Class - Jindal Steel, Odisha

Dear Madam,

We attended two days session during 25th & 26th July’2015 at JSPL,Angul(Odisha) on “ BASIC PRANIC HEALING”, trained by you. It was an altogether new learning and experience. We never knew that our own body is a “POWER HUB” and learned how to use “ENERGY” from within our own body to “HEAL” ourselves and others.

“SCANNING” of living & non-living orgasms, was nothing less than a “MAGICAL EXPERIENCE”.
Different ways of “HEALING“ proved "FRUITFUL”.
Sharing of knowledge about sources of various “DISEASES” and their “REMEDIES” was quite interesting.

“MEDITATION” has always been an integral part of my life in a different format, but “MEDITATION TECHNIQUE” taught by you, added flavor to my “LIFE” since yesterday.


Last, but not the least I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Shri Murty Sir,for considering me and his well-organized arrangements. I am thankful to Murty Madam for her initiative for organizing such a wonderful “TRAINING” at JSPL,Angul.


Ashish Tiwari
Dy.Gen.Manager(Civil)- Central Construction Division
Jindal Steel & Power Limited

Testimonial for Rockwell Logistics (company) healing

Dear GMCKS LIghtworkers Team,

Let us start by humbly thanking Grand Master who has blessed us with this unique gift of Pranic Healing. Pranic Healing for me and my family has just not meant getting cured of ailments, but has in fact been a ready reckoner for us to be able to live life which is Karmically correct and fulfilling.

Being involved in Pranic for the past 2 years, when we heard that even companies/businesses could be healed we were eager to get healing done for our company. Running a logistics firm for the past 5 years we had been facing the brunt of recession for the last year or so. We decided to move a portion of our fleet (approx 50 trucks to be moved) from Southern India to Gujarat where we had taken up fresh work. When we were planning this move we started facing driver unrest and Unionism threats bordering on militancy. I discussed these concerns with Neha Bhabhi (Neha Jain) and she told me that the healers assigned to my company would remove these negative emotions from the aura of the drivers and bless them. One month into regular healing all 50 trucks moved to Gujarat without any incident, thanks to Masters blessings and the constant efforts of the healers.

Another example wherein we benefited was that we were having a 5% transport allocation of Finished Goods at the plant where we had commenced operations. I discussed this with Mayuri (Healer handling my company) and told her that I wanted this allocation to increase. A week later one of the transporters at the plant left for some reasons and their allocation was transferred to us, pushing up our transport share from 5% to 18% of production.

I could go on and on but suffice it to say that we feel blessed to have been somehow involved with this beautiful vision of Grand Master.

Our testimonial would not be complete without heartfelt gratitude towards Neeraj Bhaiya (Neeraj Jain) and Neha Bhabhi who have motivated, guided and healed us ( our family and our company) on countless occasions and have helped inculcate a deep rooted belief in the wonders of this system of healing energies.

Warm Regards,

Anushree Bhagat & Vikram Bhagat
(Directors of Rockwell Logistics)

Achievement in Exams

Atma Namaste! I would like to extend my special debt of gratitude to GMCKS and his powerful teachings for making every sector of my life wonderful. One of such instance is that I stood second in the entire LLB batch in my first semester examination. Thanks to Super Brain Yoga, one of the techniques taught by GMCKS. Each day I feel blessed following the teachings of our pranic school. Thank you Master! Love you Master!

Nikhil Gupta

Soul Class

It was two days of knowing oneself, realization of who I am and the purpose of life. Lot of questions were answered and a lot more popped up during the class which I am still wondering and trying to figure out answers.

Neha during the class on Tuesday you had asked a simple question that we all want happiness but do we know what will give us happiness and I am still trying to find a suitable answer for the same.

We have come to know about the energy world, about the law of Karma. Mind balancing techniques and meditation of connecting with the higher soul was practised and taught.

Thank you Neha for your guidance to the world of energy, karma and knowing oneself. It has given me a new direction to think about in life. I recommend the soul class and Pranic healing to all my BNI friends and family. It would be a life changing experience.

Signed Pankaj Maloo
26th Feb 2015.
Kreative Fingers

Basic Class

Dearest Neha,
It was our (Mona & myself) privilege to have undergone the 2 day Basic Pranic Healing workshop Undertaken by you on 20th & 21st December 2014.

We truly enjoyed every moment of it. Where in you taught us how to heal oneself from diseases And also how to heal others. Further you taught us how to be better human beings following the principles of Karma which teach us that “what we sow we reap the same fruits”.

I strongly recommend our entire BNI family to take advantage of this beautiful course and change the course of their lives forever.

Thank you Neha once again. Warm Regards

Signed Bharat Shah and Mona Shah.

Basic Class

Myself Pankaj Maloo, CEO of Kreative Fingers. Company specializing in both Graphic & Web designing and having clients worldwide. I always believe in the supreme power, law of karma

And givers gain philosophy. I was still searching for a path or guidance which can help me understand them more. While I was still searching the path and guidance I happened to meet Neha.

Thanks to Manoj for inviting her to our BNI meetings, and to our leadership team in assigning me as her mentor for BNI. On the first instance I met her we discussed about Pranic healing. I somehow felt that I should be attending this course to understand more about this ideology and school of thought. But to be honest I was still in two minds. Then Neha came to our office and we discussed a bit more about Pranic healing. Then even I spoke to Manoj about the same and decided to enrol myself, three of my office colleagues and my wife to attend the basic course.

The experience that I had was amazing. I was feeling calm inside. She answered all of my questions I had about the spiritual world. Law of Karma was discussed in detail and gives me more reason to believe in the same. I have learnt a technique of forgiveness which really makes me feel so light inside. Apart from that she taught us healing techniques.

I personally thank you Neha from the bottom of my heart for being the channel, the instrument of the Master by helping and guiding us in the path of happiness and a more peaceful life.


Signed Pankaj Maloo

Basic Class

Dear Neha,
Thank you for enlightening me and my wife with the very positive approach of pranic healing And it has truly helped me to shape into a more mature person !!

Being the founder of Onex Solutions Pvt Ltd. I always love to see my company logo on every Banner, Pamphlet, Catalogue, as Sponsor / Exhibitor on Hoardings / Flex, etc, and this time thought how to Enhance my Onex team spirit by learning in Pranic healing on building good relationships.

Your session was very rejuvenating and full of life and positive hopes. Your personal attention to help me learn the techniques of cleansing and revitalizing is commendable.

You have imbibed in us and made us believe in your thoughts that Pranic healing is really an effective tool to help “heal” homes, businesses, bank accounts and family friction. You also introduced us to the “Law of Karma” which provides us with apt answers to all our unanswered questions hidden deep inside. I would recommend my friends to try this power pack session of PRANIC HEALING. Your sincere efforts to solve our health issues or valuable advice through the tool of pranic healing. Do not panic coz there is Pranic to heal you. !!

Your sincerely, Signed Dipak Agarwal Director of Onex Solutions

Severe Body Pain

I had severe body pain due to pent up emotions. The Forgiveness prayer helped me in releasing negative emotions and I was almost cured of body pain. My confidence level has also increased remarkably.

Ankita Agarwal

Sinus & Allergy Healed

I used to have sinus and every morning I would wake up with sneezes. By practising Twin Hearts meditation and Inner Reflection, I am totally cured now without any medication or surgery. Thanks to Master and his teachings of Pranic Healing.

Neeraj Jain.

Healthy Pregnancy:Easy Birth

By applying the techniques of advanced pranic healing, I was able to conceive my son I enjoyed a healthy pregnancy, and the child birth was very easy with less pain.

Ishita Todi

Life Transforming

What I have received from Pranic Healing is a long list, but the one thing that is truly close to my heart is the awareness that the actual root cause for some of my circumstances were my own “emotional setbacks”. The Twin hearts meditation during my 1st Basic class was life transforming. The forgiveness technique practised therein helped me overcome my emotional turmoil and I gradually realized and understood my area of setback, and was able to work towards it.

Renu Newar.

Spiritual Fulfillment

I was suffering from something called “Spiritual Emptiness”. Everything that I was doing did not give me any joy or inner peace. After asking several questions to myself, everything around seemed meaningless. After doing Pranic Healing and especially Arhatic Yoga, something changed within me. I started feeling more joyous and happy and got answers to many questions . In other words I felt as if I have found my home.

Neha Jain.

Positivity at home

Thank you master for loving me so much. In every step of my life you are my messenger and showing me a beautiful path each and every single day and in each and every moment. There are tremendous positive changes in my house. I can feel the difference . Thank you master for making our lives so easy and beautiful. Love you.

Nandini Kedia.

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